Content Site in Books Niche – $1700/mo Income

For sale is a content site in books niche. Google has been one of the highest source of traffic, contributing over 80% of the site’s traffic and 3400 email subscribers contributing around 10% traffic. The business uses display and affiliate advertising to generate revenue, with Adsense contributing close to 80% of the site revenue. The...
Asking Price: $80,000


Federal Arms Dealer Directory Site

For sale is a membership directory website of Federal arms licensees (FFL Dealers). FFL dealers use this directory to gain greater exposure on local areas. Launched in April 2018, site features both free and paid users. The paid users are offered additional marketing features as compared to free users. The business relies on Google for...
Asking Price: $20,700


Store Selling Health/ Fitness Equipment Generating $233K per Yr

A unique opportunity to own a dropship store that focuses on selling health/ fitness equipments through its custom website. The business serves customers primarily in the US and Canada. A 3PL partner located in USA manages all inventory and shipping; and around 350 items are currently in stock in its warehouse, making the business ready…

B2B SaaS – Project Management Software – $13K MRR

A four-year-old B2B SaaS business is available for the sale. The business is a Project Management Software meant for the freelancers, small agencies and consultants who desire to find profitable projects and deliver it on time. The unique SAAS helps to engage well with the end client right from the outset, boost transparency, and deliver...
Asking Price: $624,000


Health Lead Generation Business – $30K net/ mo

A three year old, well established and authoritative lead generation and content business related to the healthcare niche is available for sale. A few years after the launch, the business has established itself as a unique, authoritative, and dominant brand while its competitors are still struggling. On average, the business clocks $30k in net profit...
Asking Price: $1,152,000


YouTube Views Service Site $16k+ Net/ Mo

For sale is a service website that sells YouTube Marketing Services like the YouTube Views, Likes, Comments, and Subscribers. The site’s traffic is organically derived from Google, and the site currently ranks on higher positions for most long-tail keywords. The work is completely outsourced to an Agency in Vietnam, and the current owner works for...
Asking Price: $576,000


Fashion & Accessories Dropship Business – $780K Gross/ Yr

Listed for sale is a very popular and highly regarded brand on the fashion market. It has many media appearances, being featured in top publications which ensured the business is now seen as an authority in the matter. The wide variety of products along with the increasing popularity of the niche, the high demand and...
Asking Price: $460,000


Amazon FBA – Hair Oil Business – $450K Gross/Yr

The leading e-commerce business company related to the hair oil products niche is available on sale. The business was established in 2016 and made itself one of the foremost players among other competitors by continually developing quality products. It also shares a healthy relationship with other suppliers. With positive feedback and stellar growth in sales,...
Asking Price: $650,000


Amazon FBA – Fitness and Travel Equipment – $26K gross/mo

For sale is a highly growing Amazon FBA Business in a billion dollar fitness and travel niche. Started in 2017, the business has now gone overseas with international customers, using the Amazon platform as to spread out all over the world, mostly in the UK and even Europe. Many of its products are listed as...
Asking Price: $115,000


2-Year-Old Shopify Automobile Accessory Business

For sale is for dropshipping business in automobile niche. The business deals in automobile accessories for premium cars such as Lamborghini and Mercedes, with $437 average order value. The business requires minimum maintenance, with seller spending around one-two hours per day on the business. With special arrangements already in place, the customer support is handled...
Asking Price: $56,000