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Business value is usually determined by many factors which includes business age, revenue numbers, traffic, email lists, registered users, cash flow, current market trends and how quickly a buyer can get his return on investment.

In general, most websites are listed for a multiple between 1x-7x yearly EBITDA or Net Profit or SDE; or 20x-60x monthly profit, depending on 50+ different factors.

Rough valuation example:-
[Last 1 Year’ SDE/ EBITDA] x (1x to 7x) = Ideal Price

We recommend getting a free valuation of your business from our experts here:

The price suggested by our valuation experts is always optional. You can always set the price of your choice. However, we recommend you to place a reasonable price. It means that the price shouldn’t be too low or too high.

No, All business valuations you receive from BuySellEmpire is 100% Free, even if you choose not to sell your business with us.

BuySellEmpire offers one of the lowest success fees across industry. Our success fees are as low as 4% depending upon the size of the transaction. Our fees work on tier system based on the final sale price of your business.

  • 4% for any business above a $10 million sale price.
  • 5% for any businesses between a $5 million and $10 million sale price.
  • 6% for any business between $500k and $5 million sale price.
  • 7% for any business under $500k sale price.

The success fees is payable from seller pursuant once the business is successfully sold. There is no success fee from the buyer’s side.

To accept or reject a website for listing is always a tough decision. We receive many types of business sites on a daily basis. However, to help maintain the quality of our platform, we have designed a basic criterion for choosing the websites.

Being a leading marketplace for online businesses , we work hard to maintain the quality and ethics of our service. Our aim is to present high-quality and authentic businesses in front of our buyers. As a result, we can’t accept all the websites submitted to us.

To help improve our selection, we carry out a rigorous screening process where we examine the quality of a particular site. Here is a general criteria to get listed with us:-

  • Business/ Website must be making at least $1500/ month in revenue or profit, unless its an IP sale.
  • At least 12 months of verifiable traffic and revenue. (We may also accept 6 months for certain businesses with growing trend.)
  • No manipulated links or fake traffic history.

In addition to this, we may look at certain other things too. We may reject a business we deem unfit for our marketplace or if we don’t have the buyer pool for the site’s niche.

BuySellEmpire is an established team of investment professionals, focused on buyouts and high growth internet equities. We have successfully sold businesses with a success rate of over 90%.

Our buyer’s list include range of people from different categories, countries, professions and lifestyles. It could be anyone who wants to buy an already developed business for additional future income and asset collection.

The list mostly includes entrepreneurs, private equity firms, investment firms, family houses, clubs, and individual investors active in the online industry.

As a marketplace facilitating high value deals, we help buyers/sellers at every step throughout the sale process.

Our team will help you understand the process and will remain in your contact even on weekends during the listing period via email, skype or phone. You will be supported until the deal is successfully closed and you have received payment in your bank account.

BuySellEmpire offers free and straightforward listing process with inexpensive success fees. Our aim is provide transparency for both buyers and sellers without complicating things. Listing requirements for each site is usually different but here are few common requests:

  • Last 1-3 year Profit & Loss statements.
  • Bank/PayPal/ Payment gateway statements.
  • Merchant/ Seller Account statements (Amazon/ Shopify/ eBay/ Adsense)
  • Google Analytics Access (view-only)
  • Copyright/ Trademark/ Patent/ Incorporation documents (if applicable)
Buyers may request additional information like tax returns, employee details, etc.

Any Specific Query?

Reach out to us via chat support or using our contact page.