Seller Frequently Asked Questions

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  • To accept or reject a website for listing is always a tough decision. We receive many types of sites on a daily basis. However, to help maintain the quality of our platform, we have designed a basic criterion for choosing the websites.

    At this time, we are only accepting well-established content websites, Adsense and affiliate websites, eCommerce, Amazon FBA, dropshipping, Apps and SaaS based projects with a significant amount of traffic, users and revenue.

    Being a leading marketplace for websites and domain names, we work hard to maintain the quality and ethics of our service. Our aim is to present high-quality and authentic sites in front of our buyers. As a result, we can’t accept all the websites submitted to us.

    To help improve our selection, we carry out a rigorous screening process where we examine the quality of a particular site. We don’t allow the following websites on our platform:

    • Fake or spam websites.
    • Websites that have no organic search or revenue.
    • Websites with less number of visitors per month.
    • Websites with duplicate content.

  • A selling price is concluded based on the entire assets of the website. Sometimes, it also depends from listing to listing. However, in general, all following things below will be deemed as part of the sale unless specified:-

    1. Website Domain name.
    2. All website content and files
    3. Associated hosting accounts (if applicable).
    4. All customer lists (if applicable).
    5. All marketing materials.
    6. Associated Affiliate/Ad accounts.
    7. All policy and procedure documents/files.
    8. All email address associated with the business.
    9. All social media accounts.
    10. All accounts to 3rd party websites used by the business
    11. All images and video associated with the business.
    12. All Contracts (written or verbal) with past/existing customers and suppliers
  • On behalf of the buyer, our listing manager will provide you the offer price. You can convey your acceptance and rejection of the offer to our listing manager.

  • As a brokerage firm, It is our prime responsibility to help you at every step throughout the selling process.

    Our listing manager will help you understand the process and will remain in your contact even on weekends during the listing period via email, skype or phone. You will be supported until the deal is successfully closed and you have received payment in your bank account.

    For more information on brokerage process, you can refer this link here.

  • We work very hard to present a user-friendly website marketplace. Our aim is to meet the basic needs of buyers who are registered with us. Thus, to help keep the quality of service, we have designed a set of rules for the sellers. We expect all sellers to agree on these rules. These rules apply to the transactions made or activities done on this platform. We don’t permit the following activities on our platform:

    Not completing the deal:- If both buyer and seller have signed the Asset Purchase agreement and payment is secured at, it is solely your responsibility complete the deal from there on.

    Breaking Exclusivity terms:- You shouldn’t break our exclusivity terms and list your website on other platforms as long as it is listed with us. You must not list your website for sale at two brokers simultaneously. We demand very minimum exclusivity time and expect sellers to respect that.

    Failure to keep updated information:- When you list websites on our platform, then it is your responsibility to update the information regularly. You should update the website details such as monthly visitors, regular visits per month, revenue reports, etc.

  • Business value is usually determined by many factors which includes business age, revenue numbers, traffic, email lists, registered users, cash flow, current market trends and how quickly a buyer can get his return on investment.

    We recommend getting a free valuation of your business from our experts here:

    The price suggested by our valuation experts is always optional. You can always set the price of your choice. However, We recommend you to place a reasonable price. It means that the price shouldn’t be too low or too high.

  • We don’t share details of seller to buyer or vica-versa until a deal is closed and payment is secured at

    Even if this had occurred, We strongly oppose the users who want to make payments outside our platform. We don’t take any responsibility for any such payments or transfers.

    You are advised to report to us as soon as you receive any such offer.

  • Our buyer’s list include range of people from different categories, different countries, different professions and different lifestyles. It could be anyone who wants to buy an already developed business website for additional future income and asset collection.

    Our buyers are mostly entrepreneurs, Managing Directors, CEOs, investment firms, and individuals who are active in the online industry.

  • Yes, absolutely. Once the letter of intent has been agreed and signed, buyer will be in direct touch with you to perform the due-diligence of the business.

  • BuySellEmpire is an established team of investment professionals, focused on buyouts and high growth internet equities. We have successfully sold 300+ websites with a success rate of over 95%.

  • Unfortunately No. We ask all our sellers for exclusive rights to sell their business properties.

    Once you decide to list your online business with us, exclusive period will be discussed in the Engagement Agreement.

  • BuySellEmpire offers free and straightforward listing process with inexpensive low brokerage. Our aim is provide transparency for both buyers and sellers without complicating things. Listing requirements for each site is usually different but here are few common requests:

    • Last 1-3 year P&L statements.
    • Bank/PayPal statements.
    • Merchant/ Seller Account statements (Amazon/ ebay/ Adsense)
    • Google Analytics Access (view-only)
    • Copyright/ Trademark/ Patent/ Incorporation documents (if applicable)
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