Real Estate Classified Business – $2K net/mo

For sale is a real estate classified business that generates most of its revenue coming from classified Ad listings. Launched in 2014, the site become popular among local niche users. Over the past 3 years, revenue has grown significantly, while requiring only 8 man hours to manage and continue the trend. With an easy model, low multiple...
Asking Price: $20,000


Highly Profitable SEO Service with 150% YOY Growth

A profit-making online platform that successfully integrates all your SEO requirements. The site has survived all Google updates so far with its clean link network. The website went live for over 8 years ago and has grown stronger and stronger given its high level of high-tech that creates connections between links in a very autonomous...
Asking Price: $106,600


High Profile US Fashion Blog With 200% YOY Growth

For sale is an highly reputed and famous US blog on the fashion market since 2007. It’s seen as an “expert” in US when it comes to fashion, whether there are pieces of advice or tips and tricks. As part of its portfolio there are many of the most significant names in fashion. Some of...
Asking Price: $196,000


WordPress Theme & Plugin Business – $7K net/mo

For sale is a highly reputed Word Press theme and plugin business. The company has been selling themes and plugins on the market for over 5 years and has become much appreciated by focusing on less popular industries that have access to only niche themes. Moreover, it has an increase in demand and its portfolio...
Asking Price: $193,200


Home & Leisure E-Commerce Business With Huge Social Following

For sale is an online business model focused on the home and leisure niche. From an organic traffic point of view, the business has grown significantly thanks to a high number of articles written on it, as well as the variety of products which soon to be covered by brand protection. This would be a...
Asking Price: $87,500


Employment Lead Generation Business With Explosive Growth

A new mean for identifying and attracting customers in the employment segment. This is a business that has gain explosive growth power over the years and continues to attract and generate income, now more than ever through lead generation. The business model provides precious information for the ones curios to gain more knowledge as regards...
Asking Price: $324,000


3 Year Old Display Advertising Business w/Strong 200% YOY Growth

A display advertising and affiliate marketing showing a successful record build in the lifestyle segment. The website has even become an authority in this domain by delivering useful information and sharing guidelines on how to live smarter and be prepared in any type of situation. With over 2 million visitors in the past year, the...
Asking Price: $648,000


eCommerce Beauty Products Business 200% YOY Growth

Launched in 2016, A perfect solution if you want to make an increased number of sales in the beauty segment. It unites both the stability of a constant income based on an online membership plan, as well as the easiness with which an online store gen generate a successful and effortless business. A recipe that...
Asking Price: $523,000