Buyer Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We’ve got answers.

  • No. There is no fee to view the listing. Browsing our marketplace listings or purchasing a website is absolutely free for all buyers.

    However, there would be a transaction handling fee charged by The fee is usually less than 1% of the transaction size and is usually split between buyer and seller.

  • Yes, it is completely safe as long as you purchase a website from a reputed marketplace like ours. We only list high-quality websites, and only from trust-worthy reputed sellers.

    Our robust inclusion policies help us determine the fake or fraudulent sellers or sites.

    • All sellers go through our strict identification process before we accept them to list their sites.
    • Likewise, all websites go through our strict screening process before they become visible to potential buyers.
  • Well, it depends from listing to listing. However, in general, you  receive access and control on following things:

    1. Website Domain name.
    2. All website content and files
    3. All hosting accounts (if applicable).
    4. All customer lists (if applicable).
    5. All marketing materials.
    6. Associated Affiliate/Ad accounts.
    7. All policy and procedure documents/files.
    8. All email address associated with the business.
    9. All social media accounts.
    10. All accounts to 3rd party websites used by the business
    11. All images and video associated with the business.
    12. All Contracts (written or verbal) with past/existing customers and suppliers.
  • That’s great news! Now, all you have to do is to press the Enquire button to get in touch with our listing manager. Our team will contact you with specific details and assist you throughout the purchasing process.

  • All new listings are updated on weekly basis. All existing listings are updated with fresh data on monthly basis. Our team verifies each submission and update the listings.

    We also send an up-to-date weekly reports on new and existing listings to all our subscribers.

  • Our buyer’s list include range of people from different categories, different countries, different professions and different lifestyles. It could be anyone who wants to buy an already developed business website for additional future income and asset collection.

    Our buyers are mostly entrepreneurs, Managing Directors, CEOs, investment firms, and individuals who are active in the online industry. 

  • We do an intensive due-diligence before listing any website property on our marketplace.

    Additionally, Before making any purchase and wiring money, You will be offered an exclusive 3-5 day (or more) due-diligence period with the seller. In this period, you will be expected to investigate each website thoroughly including its revenue, revenue sources, traffic numbers, traffic sources, paid advertisements, payment records, bank statements etc.

    Furthermore, You will also be offered a video walk-through and and a live verification via screen sharing with the seller to remove all your doubts.

    Apart from the above broker assisted due-diligence, All buyers are still encouraged to do their own due-diligence while making decisions on purchasing a particular site.

  • It depends upon the size of the website and assets that comes along with it. Once payment gets secured at, the seller usually initiates the transfer process within the same or next working day. All the migration and transfer process is usually expected to be completed within a week.

    Sometimes, transfer duration may differ depending on the seller’s current domain registrar and the domain registrar that buyer wants to use. 

  • For any particular requirement, you can submit your request to our listing manager.

  • As a buyer, it will be your responsibility to handle all the website/data migration. 

    If you have no experience handling the migration, our listing manager would contentedly be able to migrate it for you for no additional fee.

  • All deals are secured via payments made to

    Please check about all possible payment options here: